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Work at Home

I became a Stay at Home Mum (SAHM) back in December 2009. In June 2011 I started this blog and in September 2012 I became a Work at Home Mum (WAHM) when I started my own business, running it from home. Over the past year my business has multiplied. I started running an online party store and now work as a freelance consultant. I never realised when I started out just how difficult it could be, but it can also {Read More}

A to Z of Family – G is for Girls

A to Z of Family

Growing up with my two sisters (my brother came along when I was nearly 19), I knew I wanted to have a little girl one day….but just the one. I didn’t get on much with my sister who is 2 years younger than me. We spent a lot of time fighting. I felt like a bit of a black sheep growing up. One sister was a Daddy’s girl, the other a Mummy’s girl and I felt like there wasn’t much {Read More}

Shaun the Sheep Farm Days Across the UK on July 19th!

shaun the sheep shear heat

GET DOWN TO THE FARM TO MEET SHAUN’S FARMYARD FRIENDS WITH SHAUN THE SHEEP™ FARM DAYS ACROSS THE UK ON SATURDAY 19TH JULY   To celebrate the DVD release of Shaun the Sheep™ Shear Heat, Studio Canal and the National Farm Attractions Network have teamed up to offer Shaun the Sheep™ Farming Activity Days at locations across the UK on Saturday 19th July. These limited edition farm days are taking place at 32 Farms across the UK, and are open {Read More}

WIN Shaun The Sheep Shear Heat on DVD!

shaun the sheep shear heat

Do you your kids love Shaun the Sheep? To celebrate the release of farmyard adventure Shaun the Sheep™ Shear Heat on DVD on 21st July, we’re giving 5 lucky winners the chance to take home a copy. From Aardman, the acclaimed creators of Wallace & Gromit, Shaun the Sheep™ Shear Heat follows Shaun and his pals as they get up to yet more mischief! Comprising of ten short episodes, viewers are welcomed back to Mossy Bottom Farm to follow Shaun, {Read More}

A to Z of Family – F is for Firsts

A to Z of Family

As a parent you get to experience lots of firsts. First flutters, first scans, first kicks, the first time you hear your child’s heart beat. You then get to experience labour and birth and you get to watch your baby do all their amazing firsts. First cry, first smile, first tooth. The first time they roll, sit, crawl and walk. The first time they sleep through the night. Their first haircut, first wee on the potty. Their first day of {Read More}

My Favourite Holiday Memory


I was very lucky as a child to have had many wonderful holidays abroad and I have many memories. My first holiday memory was visiting Gambia when I was four years old. I don’t remember lots of it, just bits and pieces – like my then 2-year-old sister being sick at the fish market (all down my dads back!), a man who we called John climbing a tree to get us a coconut, and visiting my dad in the hospital after {Read More}

Sex, Relationships and my 8 year old

Last week I received an email from the school my older 2 children attend. It was sent out to all parents of children in Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 inviting them to attend a session to see what the children will be learning in the Sex and Relationship programme. Yep, you heard me SEX and RELATIONSHIPS being discussed to kids as young as 7. Jake is in Year 3, but being the eldest in his year means that he {Read More}

The House of Magic

new quad- hom

On Sunday, July 6th, the girls and I travelled to Vue West End in Leicester Square to see a very special screening of the soon to be released film, The House of Magic. We arrived a little early, so the girls were playing and putting their hand in the celebrity hand prints that were paved outside the cinema. Once it was time to go inside the girls were so excited! They were each given a mask of the main character, {Read More}

Bye Bye Baby

The time has finally come. We knew it would. We knew that the day would come, even though it has been a lot longer than we anticipated. Our baby has gone. He has been replaced by a toddler! Today, at 21 and a half months old, Zachary decided to just get up and walk. He had taken a few unaided steps before, but he had always struggled to get himself to standing by himself. Until today…… *Music courtesy of Paul {Read More}

Stripping it back

Stripping it Back

When I first started this blog, over three years ago, it was a place for me to write about our family. A place where I can put down all the memories, the good, the bad, the days out, the holidays. A place where I can look back in years to come and reminisce about time gone by. But you soon become part of the larger blogging community and you get sucked in by all the stats, rankings and awards. It {Read More}

A to Z of Family – E is for Equals

A to Z of Family

When people hear that I have four children I often get looked at like I have just escaped from the local asylum. When they also discover that I work and am studying for a degree at the same time, they definitely think that I am the local village lunatic. I often wonder when did for children become a large family? When did having four children seem to be deemed as eccentric or ‘brave’. I am one of four. My father {Read More}

Bin the Booster!


As part of the Britax Mumbassador team, I like to share with you information and campaigns from Britax that I feel is relevant to my readers. I really wanted to share this with you. Being a parent to 4, and with two of them in a booster seat, I have found this information rather interesting! BRITAX URGES PARENTS TO BIN THE BOOSTER AND TRAVEL SAFELY THIS SUMMER BRITAX partners with Emma’s Diary to advise parents about the benefits of high-backed {Read More}

Fat Mama Slim – Week 10

Fat Mama Slim

I am slowly getting there with become a bit more organised with my time and finding the time, energy and motivation to get myself to the gym. I did only manage one gym session again last week, but I have committed myself to two classes this week. I have signed up for Streth and Tone/Pilates on a Tuesday evening and Boxercise on a Friday evening. I would like to try and get another gym session in during the week and {Read More}

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