Elf on the Shelf: Week One

Posted on Nov 29 2012 - 7:50am by Rach's Place

On the evening of Thursday 22nd November, we had a little visitor. He perched himself upon a shelf and sat there awaiting to be found by the children in the morning.

The children woke and we told them about a visitor that turned up last night, and read them the accompanying book with our Elf.

They immediately ran downstairs in desperation to find the elf. They found him perched upon our media tower and started jabbering away. They decided to call him ‘Woody’ (after Toy Story because he comes to life when no-ones around).


Trying to get the children to understand why Woody was sent to us proved a big difficult at first. Infact the children were so naughty after school on the Friday that distraught Woody fled home to Santa and didn’t come back the following day. The children were ever so upset that Woody hadn’t appeared that they did actually help tidy up over the weekend.

Needless to say Woody reappeared on Monday morning!


Woody really does get around and sit in the most unusual places!




It’s been fun having Woody here this week! I wonder what else he’s going to get up to on his visits :)

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